LeBron "The Decision" Ugh.

If I hear the words LeBron James one more time I am seriously going to cut someone. I am beyond over this dude holding our city hostage.  You wanna leave.  Leave.  You wanna stay.  Stay. But please, stop the bullshit megalomania. A primetime special?  Come ON dude.  Grow up.

I am also over hearing the negativity coming out of Clevelander's mouths about his possible departure.  "our city is going to go under if he leaves,' 'cleveland will die,'  no hope left for Cleveland'. ummm.  not cool.  so. not. cool.

You know what?  If you feel like the only reason your city works is because of one guy, then you are a bigger a-hole than  he is.  Sorry to be crude but you don't have a clue about the awesome going on in this city, if that's what you truly believe.

Cleveland has been working it's ass off to change, grow, and thrive and one man leaving our basketball team (to play on a shittier team that his friend owns) is not going to make all that hard work disappear.

If he leaves, Cleveland will live.  All of the groups fighting for this city will continue to get up and push this city forward. Maurice Small will continue to educate kids about fresh food, University Circle will build and rebuild more houses all the while enticing people to move into this great city, entrepreneurs like Danielle DeBoe and Amanda Montague will continue to offer Clevelanders local goods at affordable prices, Local NEO will keep encouraging the masses to buy local, and culinary greats will continue to feed the masses.

The city will not shut down, if he leaves.

You shouldn't either.

And if the LeBron madness has made you forget, there are vitally more important things going on in this world: