Monday Munchies

Cleveland Foodie & my BlogHer roomie OhMommy are giving away tickets to some very spectacular events being held at the one and only Greenhouse Tavern.  Check it. BlogHer in NYC is less than a month away.  I'm staying at the Waldorf and I must admit, I am freaking excited.   Hopefully I will get to introduce some bloggers to the kick ass food I know and love in the city.  I'm talking to you Motorino.

This weekend is Veggi U's Food & Wine celebration.  It's a pretty rocking event and if you buy tickets at GHT you get 'em for way cheaper.  Call the restie if you are interested.

Last week I tweeted about writing a book w/ the Chef:

It's true.  I am.  We are.  We wrote the intro last week and the Chef's literary agent is headed to the CLE to meet next week. Wicked.

We are moving.  Again.  Crazy I know, but an opportunity came up and we had to run with it.  A century farmhouse (1875) on a double lot in Shaker is very hard to resist.

I'm thinking of chopping my hair off:

What do you think?

No news on Lady Gaga coming to GHT.  So if you feel like it, help a girl out.  Tweet! Tweet @ladygaga and tell her you think she should eat @thegreenhouse tavern.  Cause it's awesome and green and delicious. Especially the new oysters.

I saved the best for last.  We are 90% sure that another restie in the CLE (we believe! we believe!) is in our near future.  It is a concept that we have had brewing for quite some time and I think it's going to be amazeballs.  More to come when I can tell...