Widow Faire on The Open Sky Project

If you haven't noticed, there is a countdown going down on my blog.  Look right yo. I am very excited about that countdown because it means something exciting and new is coming to Chef's Widow!!

Wanna know what???

Too bad bitches.

I kid.  I kid.

On August 10th twenty ten, Chef's Widow will become a shopkeeper.  You heard it hear first. Chef's Widow will start her very own store with The OpenSky Project.   Widow Faire will feature eclectic & local products I choose and that will be available to you, my lovely readers at affordable prices.  Widow Faire will focus on items that I often talk about here: food, clothes, shoes, bags, kid stuff, and more!  I plan on highlighting many local items as well as many brands that I have learned to trust of the years (of being an incessant shopaholic;).

It's gonna be a rockin' and you can come a knockin'.

So what do you want to see in my little 'ole shoppe?