Friday Funny

Catcher & Tarney at the Botanical Gardens

Catcher has had an imaginary invisible friend since he was two.  His name is Tarney and he is orange.  Recently Tarney showed up in our new house with his girfriend, whose name Catcher doesn't know.  He hasn't met her yet and doesn't think he ever will.  Why you ask?  Well I wondered the same thing:

Me: What's Tarney's girlfriend like?

Catcher: I don't know mom, I've never met her.

Me: How long has she been Tarney's girlfirend?

Catcher: Not too long and I don't think for very much longer.  Tarney doesn't like her anymore.

Me: Why yo?

Catcher: Because she doesn't bring the right drinks to Tarney and he doesn't cook good food for her.

Me: It seems Tarney has figured out the secret to all relationships.

Catcher: You're crazy mom.  Tarney doesn't even know what a relationship is.

My boy the dreamer smartypants.

Did you have an imaginary friend?  Do your children?  The closest I ever got was being in love with Drop Dead Fred and wishing he was my I.F.