Hot Humid Hair

As most of you know, I spent the past four-days in New York City for the BlogHer conference.  I had the most amazing time and yes, I will get to that soon, but first I must address something much more important. Humidity and my hair.

New York summers are not my favorite.  The streets smell of garbage, the air is hot, and sometimes breathing in tastes’ like maple syrup.  The heat is stiff as it hovers between skyscrapers.  The pavement burns through the soles of shoes and walking tends to be painful.  To summarize, it can be really gross.

But anyway, back to my hair and the oh so humid big apple.

We arrived on Thursday at 4pm.  I had showered that morning and by 5.03pm my hair was flaccid and filthy.   The first event started at 6pm so I knew a full hair washing was not in my future.

Thankfully, a few weeks prior to my travels, I had started to set up my Open Sky shop.  As a welcoming gift, the Open Sky Project offered me anything out of their stores.  I obviously chose dry hair shampoo.  Duh.  Who wouldn’t?  Being a beauty product junkie, I had heard of dry shampoo.  My bestie Amanda swears by it but I could never justify spending the high price tag that Sephora has.  Why would I when I could just wash. my. damn. hair.

It came in the mail the day before I left Cleveland.

I wasn’t gonna pack it,

I was just going to a conference,

I would have plenty of time to wash, blow dry, and flat iron my hair.

Hah. Freakin’. Hah.

Little did I know that the New York air would take hold of my tresses and suck all of the shine, straight, and luster right out of each strand.

Oscar Blandi saved my ass at #blogher10.  Even when I showered and gussied up, my hair would eventually end up looking like Lindsay Lohans' after a night out in LA.  It was bad.  Really, really bad.

All it took was a quick spray and then a quick shake.  Voila! Oscar Blandi volumizing dry shampoo spray saved the day. It made my hair go from cracked out and oily to this at a moment's notice:

A quick spray in the Waldorf bathroom and I was on my way

I am very excited to have Oscar Blandi volumzing dry shampoos spray as my first item for sale in my Open Sky shop.  It saved my hair in Manhattan and I can’t believe it took me this long to find out about. Today is the first day shoppe is open.  I am not going to flood my store with products as I want to be sure that I can 100% stand by them.  As of now all I have available for sale is this amazing dry shampoo, that leaves no residue and DOES NOT test on furry little animals.  Yay!

Today I would also like to offer all of you, my kick ass readers, 25% off any item in my Open Sky shop until August 16th . Just use check out code EXCITE25 at the end of your transaction (if you go for the shampoo it is $13).  Happy shopping yo!