Before & After

Our family doesn't buy new furniture.  We never have.  Before mini's, the Chef and I lived in NYC and we were broke ass poor.  Our rent was high (for us) and all of our money went towards that.  Thank god we were both in the industry because we would starved otherwise. Furniture was not on our priority list of things to buy.  We needed it though, and I soon found that when people got sick of their furniture in New York City, they would put it on their curb.  Most of this curbed furniture was in decent condition, thrown out because it was out of style.  I would tell the Chef, he would send dudes, and soon enough I would have a new dresser.  Being the stylish chicka that I am, I would throw myself into a furniture rehab.  Whether it be painting, sanding, or a faux finish, I would make the curbed out of style furniture my own.

This obsession with re-purposing obviously grew larger when we opened up the restie.  I would spend hours searching garage sales, antique stores, and barn sales for the perfect flatware cabinet.  Over time, we filled the restaurant with re-purposed items and I got lucky enough to take a few home.  I found the following piece at a garage sale while I was pregnant with Biggie Smalls.  The woman selling it told me she bought at West Tech High School (my grandpa's alma mater) and it was used in the shop department.  The dresser was unlike anything I had ever seen.   I paid her $40 for it.

Three years later I finally finished the rehab.


Do you likey?  Do you ever rehab furniture?  If yes, what are your favorite inspiration sites?