Kindergarten, Kindergarten

It took me a very long time to make the kindergarten decision. The boy's birthday is in July so he is a young five. Everyone had an opinion. Hold him back Amelia, or he will have low self esteem. He is ready to go Amelia, if he doesn't he will be bored. Boys who are held back have behavior problems. He's too small to go to kindergarten. He needs to be challenged. One more year of preschool will hurt him developmentally, Amelia. So on and so on...

In the end, the Chef and I made the decision together. We based it on the Chef's experience with school as they are very much alike. The Chef had always had a problem focusing but found that this challenge eventually molded him into the man he is today, a thirty year old passionate man with the biggest work ethic I have ever seen. I couldn't ask for more for my son.

So we let him go. We signed him up for kindergarten and let our little boy go to become the man he is supposed to become.

Anyone else go through the kindergarten jitters?  How is it all turning out for ya?