Louisiana Time

She calls is Louisiana Time.  He hops and the bus and her time begins. We sing a song to commence Louisiana Time.

Mamma and Lulu, Mamma and Lulu.  Mamma.  Lulu.  Mamma.  Lulu.

We spend the next 6 hours exploring the world and each other as only best friends can.

We dance, we sing, we play.  We hold hands.  We kiss.  It's our time now.  Mamma and Lulu.

We run fast, we play hard, we swing high.  Mamma and Lulu.  Mamma and Lulu.

She cracks jokes, I laugh.  I tickle, she runs.  She is the most amazing girl I have ever known and I get to spend each day with her.  She yells and cries and smiles and sings all at once, and it is the most beautiful sound ever.  She is the happiest, and she is all mine.

Mamma and Lulu.  Mamma and Lulu.