Vitale Skin Wheatgrass Starter Kit

Like I said when I first announced that I would be opening a shop on The OpenSky Project, I will only sell products I have tested and love.  With that in mind, let me introduce you to my new favorite face cleansing regime, Vitale Skin Wheatgrass. Vitale Skin Wheatgrass sent me a starter kit to test out.  I took it to Napa with me and then when we came home I tossed it in my gym bag.  Of course between the wine and the spa in Napa I completely forgot to use it, however when the kit reappeared at the gym, I became a faithful follower.

I hate washing my face.  I don't do it.  Never have.  But now that I am working out five days a week for two hours a day, I started to notice some serious breakout on my mug.  I decided to try the Vitale Skin Wheatgrass 3-in-1 regime.  Within days, my sweat driven breakouts had disappeared and my soft skin was back.

Vitale Wheatgrass comes with a cleanser (perfect for after the gym), a facial scrub (good for those dry days), and an oil free lotion.  These three elements driven by wheatgrass have become a part of my daily routine and I am so glad they did!  Although I am not a big fan a face washing, this kit really allowed be to be ok with the whole process.  The smell of the sweet wheatgrass and the feather like feel of the lotion made it possible for me to turn into a daily face washer.  Quite a feat if I might say so myself.

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