Before & After: Kids W.C.

Here at the widow household we have three W.C.'s or water closets as they call them across the pond. We are fancy pants over here.  I won't deny that.

Moving on.

When we moved into the 150 year old farmhouse, we knew a few rooms needed spruced up. I decided to not act like my normal self who usually starts three rooms at once, and only focus on one.  Shocking I know.  It seems I'm growing up.

The kids W.C. would be my first farmhouse project.

I had some curtains that were in Biggie's nursery. I always loved them.  In fact I loved them so much that I managed to hold onto them despite the Chef's attempt to toss them.

They were my inspiration on this project and frankly I think the water closet came out splendidly.

What do you think?


Pre Widow Touch


After Widow's Touch

Did I forget to mention that the mini's are huge fans of orange?

So what do you think of our WC makeover?  DesignSponge worthy? Heh heh heh.