The H & M Incident

Yesterday Biggie Smalls and I went to the mall.  I was out of mascara and had been using a cheap drug store brand that was killing my eyes.  Sephora here we come!  After we sprayed perfumes and tried on every color lip gloss in the store, we headed home. Kind of.

We walked into H & M based on a jacket I saw on the wall.  As we turned right, past the window display, I heard my daughter say "wha is thi mamam" in unison with another voice,  An angrier voice yelling  "that's wet paint!"  I turned to see who was speaking in such an evil tone and saw an H & M employee crouching down in my daughter's face.  My baby girl had accidentally stepped on an unmarked step that had been freshly painted.  The employee obviously upset that my daughter had placed one foot on the work she had completed, decided that the only appropriate response was to yell at a two year old:

The tears began to roll.

Shocked and unsure what I had thought just happened actually did, I turned towards the salesgirl.  She had already started to walk away as I found my voice, "she's only two, was it really necessary to yell at a two year old?"  She ignored my words as the couple  behind me interjected, "you need to go tell a manager what happened, that was unbelievable." The word shook me out of my stupor and my anger raged. My eyes focused on the location of the salesgirl.  Thank god I couldn't find her.

I picked my baby up and walked towards the counter.  I asked for the manager, still shaking from the event that just took place.

The manager came out and asked me what had happened.  I gathered my thoughts while holding my crying baby and began the story.

When I finished telling her of the verbal abuse that just went down under her watch, she replied in the most condescending tone ever "thank you I will handle it. Thank. you. I. will. handle. it.  What the fuck. She didn't ask my name, she didn't look at my daughter, no apology, no eye contact,  just I will handle itWhat the fuck. Once again shocked and angered, now towards the manager's inability to actually manage, I looked around.  The couple who had seen the whole thing go down began to walk towards us.

Your salesgirl made that poor little girl cry.  Cry.  She made a 2 year old cry.  It was disgusting.

"Thank you, I will handle it"

At this point I knew I had to leave.  The bleach blond hipster with shit in her face was about to get that shit in her face ripped out.  I'm not big into violence, but a mother scorned is not a woman to be messed with.

As I left Beachwood Place, I became enraged.  I got in my car and googled H & M corporate.  Still shaking and angry I dialed the phone.  I spoke to a receptionist who assured me a customer service representative would call me that day,

That was at noon, twenty minutes after the incident.

Around six pm, the same woman I had originally spoken with called me back.  She wanted to make sure a CSR had contacted me, she did not want to let the day pass without me telling my story.  Her voice was kind as she asked me what happened.

I began the sordid tale again, reliving each moment that should have never happened to begin with.

She did what the manager should have done.  She diffused the situation and calmed me down.  She apologized multiple times and in the end felt it was appropriate to send me a coupon.  I told her I didn't need the coupon I just wanted some kind of response.  She, the receptionist in New York City at H & M corporate, had given me that response I deserved to get in the store.

I am not sure still how I feel about the situation.   I am glad that someone from the company understood and wanted to hear what I had to say.  I am not glad it happened 6 hours later with someone from a different state.  Too little, to late you know?

What would you have done different?  Should I do something more?  Obviously I'm not going back to H & M anytime soon, but should I ever?

Would love to hear your thoughts.