Hanes Silk Reflections + Giveaway

Autumn has fallen.  You know what that means right? TIGHTS SEASON has officially begun.

I love me some tights.  My obsession  with hosiery began while living in Italy.  I was walking to the market one brisk fall day, I had to get to class but my eye got caught in a storefront window.  Black netting, fishnets, and braiding called my name as I entered the Mercado Calzetteria.  The stockings that covered the wall were pieces of art, each design so intricate and stunning, I knew I was in trouble.    My legs were in love.

Since that day on the mean streets of Trento, I have become obsessed with stockings.

I have a collection the collection.  It is by far the best collection of hosiery any Clevelander has ever had.  I buy them when I travel, I buy them online.  When we went to Paris three yeas ago, the only thing on my mind was tights.  Parisian tights.  I searched the streets of Paris  and finally on our last day in the city of love, I hit the jackpot.  An undisclosed amount of money later, and I was one satisfied lady.  The Chef, not so much.

When Hanes contacted me about their new Silk Refliections line of sheer tights I thought to myself, how in the hell can I wear Hanes on my sticks?  These legs are covered by the finest designers from Paris and Italy.  How could these Hanes Silk Reflections even compare?

The fact is, they don't.  They are not works of art.  They are just plain tights with a hint of sheer.  The crazy thing is that before Hanes contacted me to review their product, I didn't have one single pair of plain black tights.  Not one single pair. What kind of fashion minded thirty something doesn't even own a pair of black tights?  Lamester.

I decided that I needed to speed up the review process.  I would wear the tights to work at the restaurant one night and really let their ass get kicked.  As most of you know our restaurant has four floors.  When I work, I walk up and down stairs all night (in heels no).  Wearing a pair of my fancy schmancy tights to work usually ends up  in snag or worse, a tear.  I tend to shy away from wearing them to work because of this.  Last Saturday I decided to go balls out and wear my new silk reflections to the restie.

My legs looked rockin', but would the tights stand up to the fours hours of stair climbing ahead of me?

1200 stairs later and my legs still looked silky and new, run, snag, & tear free.  My feet not so much.  Thinking my next review may have to be some fancy foot creme.

If you would like to try out Hanes Silk Reflections, I am giving away an awesome prize package of each color to one lucky winner! All you have to do is leave a comment telling me your favorite fall accessory.  You can also tweet (@chefswidow) about this giveaway or FB it for an additional entry.  Just make sure to leave me an additional comment for each.

Winner will be picked a week from today by random.org.

If you don't want to wait to win, Hanes Silk Reflections are available for ten bones at department stores nationwide.

In non-hosiery news, my friend Mickey is up for Cosmopolitan's Bachelor of the Year.  They select one hot doode out of thousands and thousands from each state.  Mickey won Ohio. Now let's help him win it all!  Voting also enters you in a drawing for $400 swag bag.  Boo.  Freaking.  Yah. You can vote everyday until October 10th.

Happy Monday Chicka's.