Expo should be called Sexpo....Hot Damn!

Sometimes relationships can get boring. It's easy to let life become a routine and remembering why and how you love someone can seem cumbersome. Everyone needs a little spice in their lives, including the Chef and I.

Spending a week at Disney with your two kids in the same hotel room can make one look at their partner like they are BFF's. By day 7, the Chef and I realized that we hadn't kissed in almost 5 days. Our thoughts and actions were on only our children, and when we came back to reality we realized how neglectful we had been of each other.

Stupid Disney World, making everyone platonic...

We decided to spend some time together, i.e work at the restie together. So on Saturday night I packed up my laptop and headed to downtown Cleveland for our 'date' night. I worked for a few hours and then decided to spend sometime in the kitchen.

And boy am I glad I did.  It was there that I realized something about myself.

I think the Expo line is hot. Scratch that. I think the Chef is smokin' hot when he expo's. I don't know if it's the power in his voice or all that fast paced action but it definitely gets me.

Judge for yourself.


So, what profession does it for you?