Back in Business

The kids & I in our old hood today in Prospect Park

New York always seems to inspire me.  Chef's Widow began here in an apartment in Brooklyn, so it  only makes sense that I should miss it while I'm here.

We have been travelling so much in the past few months that it has really taken me some time to get back here.  My sincerest apologies.

Between stints in New York, Florida, Philly, and Cleveland plus the lack of inspiration, I'm afraid that Chef's Widow got put on the backburner.

But now we. are. back. And we need your help!

I am looking for anyone and everyone attached to a Chef.  You could be married to one, dating one, sleeping with, related to, or bff's with one.  Anyone who basically has some kind of chef relationship is who this lady needs! In the coming months Chef's Widow is going to be getting a drastic revamp as well as some other very exciting productions (including some tv!  squee!!!!).

I am also looking for your stories.  Chef's Widow will always be the story of my journey as a woman married to a Chef, however, I think it's time to tell your story.   Send me them.  Tell me how you fell in love, how you met.  Tell me what you like to do on days off.  Send me recipes you love cooking togeter, send me pics of you & your Chef family.  Tell me and send me anything!

I am going to start two new features here and one of them is all about you and your Chef!  Email me your Chef Story and it may be featured here on CW!  We also are looking for video submissions, so if you aren't shy please head over to our YouTube group, Chef's Widows to upload.

The second feature that we are so excited about here at CW is called She Said, Chef Said.  It was inspired by the countless emails I receive from other widows requesting advice about their relationship with their Chef. I have always responded via email but now I'm gonna kick it up a notch.  Send me your Dear Chef's Widow question and the Chef & I will both vlog an answer.  Together. And let me tell you this, we not only disagree on most everything, but we are freakin' hilarious.  It is going to be an awesome awesome thing!

So friends, that's where the widow is at.  As I sit here in Brooklyn getting ready for the Chef's James Beard Dinner tonight, I can't help but be so grateful for you, for this website, and for the amazing life we have!

xo bitches.

PS.  Please leave me comments, email me, FB me, call me, or tweet me if any of the above sounds like something you want to be involved in.  The new website should be unveiled soon and I want to make sure it's badass just for you!

PPS.  My favorite Mommy blogger on the planet is now a PUBLISHED AUTHOR. Buy her beautiful book, I know for a fact it came from her heart and is beyond special.  Plus the kids will love it!