Seven & Seven

Seven & Seven. My drink of choice on cruise ships, and the places and time traveled this year. Cuh-razy.

We have been travelling fools.  It all began with the Chef's Food & Wine win and went downhill uphill from there.  We've been to New York City, Miami, Key Largo, Aspen, Napa, Orlando, back to New York City, & Philadelphia, all in less than a year.

All in less than a year.

Holy Shitballs.  Seven Cities in Seven Months.

During our travels we have been very fortunate to stay at some really divine places, eat some amazeballs food, and just be tourists of our land.  I have been meaning to compile a series of blog post highlighting to the best (and worst) aspects of each trip however the travelling has not really allowed me to do so.

Until now.

As of today my butt is not leaving Ohio until February (when I will hopefully be going to the freaking Academy Awards!) so travel blogging HERE I COME.

Starting next week will be a new feature I like to call Widowlogue, it will be a travelogue of our journeys together as a chef family. Some will be informative, some funny, and some foodie friendly. I am also excited to share so many parts of this country that our family has been fortunate enough to see.

Like Pennsylvania.