Holiday Tradition

He pulls them slowly through the aisles of pines as they shout out their favorites in unison.  They love the tall ones, fat ones and skinny ones, sometimes even the dead ones.  They hold no judgement when deciding on what tree will become a part of our family for the next 30 days.  They just pick one.  It seems so simple and  soon our toes are frozen, icicles have formed beneath our noses,  and we have found our fir.  The Chef pulls out the saw and looks at the boy for help.

Moments later, we have a tree, our tree.

We head home with anticipation of the day that's to come.  First, a rest is needed.  We bake bread, drink cider, and lounge. Together as one. Once our bellies are full it's time for some fun!  The Chef walks the strands of blue  white around the tress as the mini's take hold of the ornaments.

Tuckered out with squinted eyes they admire the work they've down.  They admire their Christmas tree.

This is our family's tradition.  We repeat this day year after year, and today, when the boy told me that today was the best family day he's ever had, I melted. Our tradition cemented in our family's history forever.

One day a year we bundle up and embrace the holidays to the full extent.  We cut down trees, we bake, we eat, we laugh, and play, all side by side.   The tradition we have created of this day has turned into the best gift we could ever hope to receive.  Our day spent together as one.

Does your family have a holiday tradition?  What are they?  Was the tradition passed down in your family or is it a new tradition? Leave me a comment telling me all about your family's holiday traditions and on Friday I will pick 2 (two) lucky winners. Winners you say?  What can you win?

The 2  winners will each receive a Hallmark Prize Package which includes The Night Before Christmas recordable storybook, a Hallmark Keepsake Photo Ornament, & a Displayable Greeting Card.  Very cool (tradition starting) stuff.

Bon Chance.