Food & The Mommy Blogger

Every now and then I get contacted by PR firms to review a product that relates to food or parenting. I accept only the products I am sure I would stand behind, and tend to turn down a lot. More often than not, the product is food related, and more often than not, it is processed food intended for children. Yuck-O.

We don't do processed food. I cook from scratch every single day.   Sure, every now and then my kids snack on goldfish or pretzels but that's pretty much the extent of it. The chef and I are HUGE believers in five ingredients or less. We look at every package we buy and are very conscious of what we put into our children's bodies. Some may see as us extreme. I don't.  The Chef and I believe in real food.

We are a food family. Our lives revolve around food. Our children's future depend on food (the restaurant). We take it pretty f'ng seriously.

So today when I was perusing through my google reader, I noticed that 5 mommy blogs and 1 personal blog I follow were all promoting some kind of processed food meant for children consumption.  Ugh.  I have known that this goes on, hell I've been contacted by Nestle and Craft more times than I can remember. I guess I just didn't realize how deep these moms get into it.   I am shocked that these MOMS who would do anything for their children (as witnessed by all of their blog posts about it) would sell out their children's health for a free supply of hot pockets.

Josie Grossie.

Lemme break it down.

A ham & cheese hot pockets is made up of the following ingredients:

Image by Justin Perricone

That is over fifty ingredients, all for a bread filled 'pocket' that doesn't taste like a ham and cheese sandwich.  

Again.  Gross.

When a mommy blogger tells me that I should forget about cooking, and rely on a good 'ol piece of processed microwavable food, I want to barf that processed microwavable food all over said mommy blogger.

The perpetuation of the fucked up food system by mother's, is something that seems to be out of control, and frankly, I'm not quite sure how to stop it.  Getting shit for free seems to be more appealing than actually standing behind a product that won't  harm your child.

Getting off my soapbox now...

For real though.  Fucking hot pockets are good for kids?  C'mon now.