What Not to Do While Dining Out on New Years Eve

Everyone in the restaurant industry calls New Years Eve, amateur night.  The general consensus is that the majority of people who visit restaurants on NYE are not frequent diners.  Unfortunately, not so frequent diners have a small habit of being not so eloquent, especially when it comes to New Year's Eve.  This morning I posed the following question to Facebook & Twitter:

What shouldn't you do as a restaurant patron tonight?

1.  Leave a lousy tip!

2. Get drunk, puke in the bathroom, and leave it for the entire restaurant to see.

3.  Be late for your reservation.  It fucks up the entire night when even one party is late.

4.  Try to modify a prix fixe menu. It's NYE, I'm not serving burgers!!!

5.  Be late for your reservation or try to modify a prix fixe menu. It's NYE, I'm not serving burgers!!!

6.  Call for a rezzy on New Year's Eve & then curse when nothing is available.

7.  Monopolize your server.  You are not their only customer.  More than likely, they are in the weeds, and need to be five different places at once.

8.  Try to use a coupon.  No one takes coupons on New Years.  No one.

9.  Say you're ready to order & then stare at your menu for five minutes.

10.  Avoid telling the hostess who you are & why you are important.  She doesn't care if your Brad Pitt.  All she cares about is getting her dining room sat.

11.  Order a rare steak then send it back cause it's cold in the middle!

12.  Ask the chef to split appetizer after appetizer, attempting a cheap custom prix fixe. Then not ordering a single entree.

13.  Tell your server half-way through your prix fixe that you have tickets so could you please just bring everything up at once?

14.  Mistreat the service staff.  Yes, they are there to serve you.  No, they aren't your servant.

15.  Try to drunkenly make out with the Chef.

Take heed diners.  We've got our eye on you!!!


Happy New Year!