Taking My Body Back

Holy shit it's been awhile. I think I forgot how to blog. Traveling in the fall to three different states in less than thirty days with mini's, coming home for the holidays moments before they begin, deciding to open two restaurants (yes I said 2) in the next 12 months, and getting asked to go to a very very fancy awards show in February can kinda put some perspective on things.

So yep. That's where I'm at. How might I ask are you????

My absence from here was self prescribed.  I needed it.  Frankly I'm not sure if I've got it in me anymore. I am waiting for my blog reformat to see which direction this 'ol girl is headed. In the meantime, I've been working on myself. My body self yo.

Over the past five years I have seriously let myself go to shit. The Chef & I both have. We used to be twenty something hotties.  See? Then... we had kids. We opened a restaurant. We quit smoking. We stopped exercising.  So on and fucking so on.

Basically, we both got fat.

30 years old and I am the heaviest I have ever been, even after living in Italy while surviving on hash and Guinness (yes I drank Guinness while living in Italy, why? Because I was 21 & the boy I wanted to make out with was Irish-true lame story).  The heaviest ever.

So. NOT. Awesome.

The weight was affecting our lives drastically and before the holidays we came to a standstill. The weight had to go. We needed our lives back.

The Chef and I took action after we had a huge falling out. We realized that our unhappiness and lack of passion towards each other and our lives, stemmed from our five year weight gain. We said FUCK THAT and headed to the gym.

Since the first of December, the two of us have made a commitment to each other and  to ourselves to get back to a healthy weight, one that we can be happy with. We go to the gym together everyday, and have both changed our diets drastically. Shit, the Chef has even been vegan since the first of the year! Crazy right? We started a GHT biggest loser contest last week which has really lit a fire under our asses. It also helps that in less than 40 days I will be walking on the most famous red carpet in the world. How's that for inspiration?

I'm pleased to say that our hard work is beginning to pay off. I am three pounds away from my weight at 24 (pre-mini's). I am also stronger than I have ever been. My arms don't have that underarm woman flab and my belly is actually beginning to look less like a donut and more like an actually stomach. I can see my hips again and the pouches of cottage cheese ass have all but disappeared.

Can I get a HELLS YEAH?

By my birthday, June 8th, I will be wearing this to the pool.

Is 2011 bringing any change to your life?  Have you decided to take charge and take your body back?