100 Days

On February 10th, the boy will have been in kindergarten for 100 days. To celebrate this magnanimous event, his teacher asked the kids to create an art project using 100 items. He suggested making a picture with elbow noodles, pipe cleaners, or paperclips. When the boy came home the day the project was announced, he immediately declared "I want to make ONE HUNDRED paper airplanes."

Being extremely proud of his creativity, I obliged. We would make 100 paper airplanes, all before February 10th.

Well friends, it's February 3rd and this is how many paper airplanes we have finished:

10 down, 90 to go. We obviously need to bring in the big guns...

Every Saturday afternoon, the kids and I head down to the restaurant. The Chef's mom cooks family meal for the entire staff and then usually she takes the kids for a sleepover. This Saturday will be a different story as the boy has decided he needs help and we (his parents) are simply not cutting it.

He's decided that during Q-time (mtg with the staff before service) he is going to ask everyone to build a paper airplane (or 6).  

He sure is lucky we have the restie. I can't imagine who he'd be ask if we didn't. Proll'y you guys.  :)

I guess this is my first glimpse into the future of over zealous school projects full of creative insanity. I can't wait for it.