Cross Country Skiing Yo.

Ever since the Chef and I figured out we had gotten fat, we have been trying to come up with ways to get UNFAT. Turns out, it's not so easy. We joined a gym, gave up meat, bread, booze, smokes, butter, and basically anything else that is awesome, and began kicking ass to lose the extra poundage. The reality of losing weight is pretty simple for us.

It effing SUCKS.

The gym gets repetitive, and eating lentils and sprouts everyday can inspire some serious anger issues. Just ask the Chef about last Thursday.  Dr. Jekyl got murdered and Mr. Hyde moved in. It was not a pretty sight in Shaker Heights.

Being bored whilst losing the extra lbs is the quickest way to STOP losing the lbs and since the Chef & I have made a commitment to each other to get hot and healthy we needed to figure out how to make working out not so fucking boring.

First, we started going to classes. We belong to a gym that offers a plethora of classes from zumba to yoga and step to core, the Chef & I take 'em all. If you belong to our gym, you will see us in Studio 1 or 2 every morning between 9 and 11 shaking our asses or lifting weights. Again, not a pretty sight.

We look ridiculous and we freakin' love it.

Well, we sorta love it. Like working out, the classes can also get boring. Last week, as I was taken over by Mr. Hyde, I decided I had enough of those damn classes and enough of that damn song by Kesha. I was D to the O to the N to the E. DONE, DONE, DONE.

I made a deal with the Chef. If he would skip the gym on Sunday morning (we usually do a thirty minute core class), I would do something outdoors-ey. I don't normally do outdoors-ey, especially in this godforsakenfuckingcoldclevelandwinter, but I really really really didn't want to go to the gym.

So we didn't.

Go the the gym, that is.

Instead we decided to try something new:

Watch me go down this hill piece of flat land. I'm gonna rock it!

The Hot Tub Time Machine ate my Chef!

We headed east and rented ourselves some cross country ski's. The Chef & I hit the slopes and soon found out that not only do we SUCK horribly at cross country skiing, but we also actually LOVE cross country skiing. It was a freakin' blast! We worked our buts off, fell countless times, and laughed until I almost peed in my snow pants. How could I not? I was literally skiing next to someone who looked like he had just been cast as a lead in Ski School.

Neither the Chef nor I knew what we were getting into when we snapped our feet into those wooden sticks, but let me tell you this; I am so happy we did, because even though trying something new can be freaky or frightening, it can also turn into something you really enjoy.

I never ever thought I would look forward to cross country skiing. Never. Freaking. Ever. But I can guarantee you this, if you are looking for me this Sunday you will find me trudging thru the woods, falling on my ass with a boy I love, who happens to be dressed like this guy...all the while losing weight.