Love Bites

Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you're having a loverly day.

I'm not, but no biggie. Kids are with the sickness and I'm stuck at home all day. Yuck. At least I have the juice cleanse I started today:)

In other news:

The tavern is up for best restie. You can (and should!) vote for us every single day.

Jeff Michaud is coming to Cleveland. If you don't know who that is you obviously don't love pasta. In fact you hate pasta. I kid, I kid.  Chef Michaud is Marc Vetri's partner. Both dudes rock and roll at making some ridiculously good Italian food. Both are Beard Award winners. And pretty soon, Cleveland gets to meet Philly in a fabulous dinner put on by my Chef & Chef Michaud. Tickets are available here. If you enjoy really excellent food you should not miss this dinner. Plus I'll be there and I am super duper fun!

The Chef is featured in Food & Wine Magazine this month. Check my man out in February's issue!

Yours' Truly was feature in Cleveland Magazine last month talking about having babies and stuff. Cause you know I have babies and stuff.

It's been confirmed that I love Yellowcake Shoppe and owner Valerie Mayen. She is awesome, makes kick ass clothing, and happens to be designing me a dress for a certain awards show I'm headed to in California on February 27th. She is available for custom work and she also sells her threads at pop up shops all over the CLE. Check out her website for deets.

Speaking of Cali, I'm in LA by my LONESOME for five days and am looking for some awesome. The only plans I have as of now are eating at Animal and the event I mentioned above.

Would love to hear all of your LA suggestions as I haven't been since I was 15????!!!!!


Happy Vday lovers.