The Bullied

When I had filmed this video I had no idea I would be facing the issue of bullying so soon. A few weeks back my boy, my love, my life, stepped off of his school bus with sobs emerging from his mouth and teardrops the size of oranges falling from his eyes. He told me that a boy had hit him in his business (penis), the same boy who introduced my son to the word and meaning of mangina just days before by calling him one.

We reacted like parents, ready to fight for our boy. We notified the boy's teacher immediately and followed up with the principal. The response from both was immediate and decisive. We were given access to the bus video of the incident and the next morning the Chef and I found ourselves watching in horror as three older boys messed with our precious one over and over again.

Boys will be boys they say.

I call bullshit.

Violence should not be an assumed trait of the male sex.

The school handled it precisely how we would have hoped they would. Everyone who needed to be reprimanded was, apologies were produced and accepted. One of the boys' involved even came to our home to apologize, remorse in his eyes as he handed a boy three years younger than himself an apology note. The visit made things better. My tears stopped momentarily.

Our boy was over it shortly after and was soon angry that he could no longer sit with the older boys on the bus. 'Mom, they want to be my friend now, they won't hurt me anymore.'

More Sobs.

As a parent you never want to see your child hurt. As a parent of a child who has kidney disease, you live in fear every day of one push, one fall, one trip over an untied shoelace that will cause injury to his one remaining kidney. Every day you hope your child comes home safe and unharmed. When he doesn't the game changes.

In our country today bullying is an obviously glaring problem that faces our  young children. The only way this problem can ever come close to being solved is by talking about it, raising awareness, and PARENTING. Teaching our children that making fun of another child, calling him or her a name, or physically hurting them is not OK nor is it acceptable.

Ever hear of the saying "they learn it from watching you?"

Well yeah, they sure do.