She & Him


In the far right hand corner of the room, a gaggle of blue hairs were playing canasta. He chuckled as we walked by them, his hand cradling hers. Catty corner from the women, men held up by canes and chairs were trying their hand at Wii bowling. She couldn’t help but snicker. It’s not everyday one sees five 90-year-old men playing video games... As they approached the white plastic arch, she noticed the dusty artificial flowers that covered them. They were teal. An odd choice for this sort of event, she thought. He looked past her, his eyes focusing on someone she could not see. She turned and was greeted by her soon to be family. They enveloped her with their open arms and she instantly felt the love transferred all the way down to her belly.

She smiled. They all hovered near the plastic arch and waited. He bit his nails as she put her hand on her stomach, he followed in suit and both their hands rested together. The man came moments later and within what felt like seconds, his lips were on hers. Her mind went blank as she looked into his evergreen eyes.

Those eyes were now a part of her, forever more.

Five years my love,

five years.