The Celebrity Trainwreck of Charlie Sheen

Our fascination with the decline of someones life who is in the public eye is out of control. It is our own addiction as a society that must be overcome. Problem is, I have no idea how that is going to happen. Having an addict in the family is the hardest thing you can go through. It's harder than watching someone you live die of cancer and it sure as hell is harder than being an actual addict. Watching Charlie Sheen's downward spiral with our eyes open and glued to the TV, just like we watched Britney Spears shave her head so few years ago, speaks volumes about who were are as a society. We are the problem. We encourage the insanity brought on by the addiction, and then we laugh at it, poke fun at it, tweet about it, and link Sheenisms' on Facebook. It's our entertainment. Their slow decline into the realms of death are our daily entertainment.

It's absolutely disgusting.

We call him an asshole, a freak, a crazy, but really it is us. We are watching a car crash and instead of driving by slowly, we stop, we get out of the car, we take pictures & video, send them to all of our friends with funny captions about how crazy the crash is and then we go home and sleep soundly in our beds.

We are the assholes. We are the celebrity obsessed freaks who will book a man on television who needs SERIOUS SERIOUS fucking help and we will placate his addictions, all so we can charge our advertisers' a few more dollars.

I don't understand how we don't get it. Addiction is all around us, sure some of us more than others, but the underlying knowledge is the same. Addicts are NOT coherent, their brain does NOT function normally. Addicts can NOT rationalize or to put it simply, think straight. Add some mental illness and they aren't even there anymore. They are living in a completely different reality.  Charlie Sheen is gone right now. He is a shell of his former self. The drugs have replaced him and will continue to replace him until gets the help he needs or until he dies.

I'm guessing if the Today Show and Piers Morgan and all of these other ingrate talk shows continue to give him cold hard cash for his insanity, his fate will be the later.

The talk shows and all of us will have to find some pretty strong soap to wash that blood off of our hands.

I don't feel good about where we are as a country. We are heading into Idiocracy and that to me is some very dangerous territory.

I hope Mr. Sheen gets the help he needs. I hope his dad or someone close to him can get him institutionalised. I hope the TV will stop being his drug dealer and grow the fuck up. I hope the people who are laughing at his illness never experience the sad reality of addiction. I hope they never know the pain of loving someone or even knowing someone who is an addict. It is by far the worst pain out there.

In a perfect world country...