Splitting The Check

The other day the Chef and I got 5 minutes together and decided to go to lunch. Well first we looked at a winery for rent in Chagrin Falls, and then, we went to lunch. We had lunch at Joey's a pizza place in Chagrin Falls. Neither of us had eaten pizza since November (because of our stupid but awesome diet) so we decided to treat ourselves.

As we indulged, we noticed a table of five adults, obvious friends, dining across from us. They had just asked for their check and immediately began pulling cash out of their wallets and handbags. I looked at the Chef, not sure what in the hell was going on. As each grown adult began to lay their cash on the table, the bill was handed to one of the men. He pulled out his cell phone and started doing simple math with it. After he was finished, he began calling out dollar amounts; you owe $12.65 Pam, Tim got you for $15.34, Jen, you owe $19.24, Theresa we need $18.69 for you, and I owe the pot $14.02... I almost spit out my ice tea.

I had never seen anything like it.

The Chef and I were watching five adults who were obviously great friends nickel and dime each other on their meal. I looked at the Chef and couldn't help but laugh. In fact I was tempted to grab the bill and pay the server myself, just so she didn't have to go through the crap of ringing in each amount off the check and cashing out.

If you are an adult and go out to dinner with a group of your good friends, splitting the check down to the pennies and cents is simply unacceptable. Split the damn check equally or don't go out. Who cares if Billy got the $50 steak and you only got the $40 chicken, eventually that $10 will come back to you... maybe even the next time you dine out.

And if you don't believe me, believe this guy.


What do you think? If you go out with a group do you make the server's job extra extra hard or do you think splitting equally is the way to go?