Ponder this. You are a restaurant owner in a small city that is slowly but surely being rebuilt. You put your all into your restaurant and your city. You research farmers and food, beer and wine, and local liquors. You want to support the areas that surround you in all aspects of your restaurant because you know that your support of other local businesses will help grow the slowly rising economy.

Now ponder this.

Your research for months on top of months to get local spirits in your restaurant. You want to offer the customer the best of what Ohio has to offer. You fight to bring new allocations of Ohio liquors to downtown Cleveland, and when you finally make it happen, you are happy.

Or so you think.

Then you find out that ONE local bar owner has a 'deal' with the liquor distribution in downtown Cleveland. He gets TWO bottles of any new allocation that hits the streets of Cleveland. Your order for 12 bottles of that new Ohio spirit, is now for 10, as his 'deal' says.

You are not so happy.

All of the hard work your team put in to finding local Ohio spirits for your customers just got shoved up your you know what.

Two bottles of new allocation off of any order, any restaurant or bar in Cleveland orders, goes to ONE bar. No matter what.

Seems a bit corrupt to me.

These are the times I find it hard to want to stay in Cleveland. Why should we put our all into everything we do, when the corruption of our city can nullify it in a moment's notice. I know most of you probably think it's not a big deal but it is to us. We work really really hard researching our menu. We don't just say we are local and sustainable, we ARE local and sustainable. To me this reminds me of my time in college when I would spend all night writing a paper for my poli sci class, while my roommate would go out. In the morning she would literally buy a paper online, turn it in alongside me, and come back with an A.

So. Not. Cool.

My issue is not with another business carrying the same product. The local farmers, distillers, brewers, and cheese-makers all deserve to have their products showcased in the Ohio marketplace as they are all phenomenal products. My issue is with the dishonesty and backdoor deals. There is no room for this in a city that's trying to find it's legs.