Pots and Pans

When the Chef and I first got together in our twenties we lived in a 500 square foot apartment in an old tenement building on Rivington. There was a main room, two bedrooms the size of a closet, and one teeny tiny bathroom. The main room was our kitchen, living room, and dining room all under the ruse of a 6 x 6 room. Because we lived in a glorified closet we never spent nights in like most couples in the early stages of love. We lived in the city and we spent each waking moment living the city. We had no pots or pans in our cupboards and a french press was our only kitchen appliance. We were as minimalistic as you can get.

Turns out the Chef would keep this minimalistic approach to our kitchen as each year passed. The French Press was still a staple, but a slow cooker...get the eff out. After we were married I soon discovered that my Chef had an immense hatred for most kitchen appliances. The microwave I brought to NYC would be given away almost moments after I unpacked my bags. The toaster that we got at the wedding, mysteriously disappeared while we were on honeymoon. The blender my aunt bought me for my 27th birthday so I could make frozen margaritas all summer long, lost in a move.

After awhile I just gave up. I would accept his hatred of kitchen appliances and I would start from scratch. Microwaves are lame anyways. The food tastes like a$$ and you're giving yourself cancer. Can you say winning?

And then being the never forgetful and always organized wife that I am, I totally fucked up.

We were moving back to NYC to open a Michael Symon restaurant. The Chef was already there and I was coming with the boy. The day I was leaving, the Chef called me in a frantic panic. He had left his two cast iron pans in the oven of our house (which was now being rented out). He begged me to go over and see if I could get them. Not knowing that these pans were of grave importance I teased him and said I would try.

Try I did, but the outcome was no good. The pans were gone.

When I got to NYC, the Chef, happy to see his little family but completely devastated that the pans he had seasoned since his first day in the kitchen were no longer with him.

At that precise moment, I lost all my kitchen privileges. Somehow it was my fault that his precious pans were gone.

Now not only would there be no appliances in our house, but there would be no good cooking equipment. The beautiful cast iron pans and chef's knives would be gone by the time we unpacked. Cheap pots and pans with dull knives would fill our cupboards for years to come.

Being married to a Chef was kind of starting to suck.

As I type this today I am happy to say that those cast iron pans found there way back into our kitchen. As for the appliances and kitchenware's, not so much luck there. The Chef spotted my lack of cooking ability right away (I tend to burn pans) and gradually took any chef caliber cooking eequipment away. I am now down to three pans, a burnt cookie sheet, and a silicon bundt cake pan. Ugh to the seventh power.

The thing is that yes, I was a shitty cook. I have burnt crab legs, not once, but twice in the past ten years. I have boiled water and forgotten about it countless times. Too many burned pans to count. I have caught my kitchen on fire (although I still think it was electrical) and I have melted a silicon pan on the stove. But that's all in the past now, my cooking skillz have improved, and I know that there is a sweet fully stocked kitchen in my future.




In two weeks, I turn 32 (holy shiznit) and I want a kitchen. I want nice pots and pans. I want chef knives, baking sheets, and a pasta attachment for my kitchen aid, I want a range that gives off some heat and a fridge that doesn't shy away from freshness. I want a pizza stone and spatula, a set of big spoons would be nice too. I am married to a Chef and I want a freakin' Chefs kitchen.

That's where you come in. I NEED to know your favorite kitchen appliances, kitchenware's, pots and pans.

What can't you live without? What can't I live without? Tell me everything I need to make the Chef lose his mind in a sea of appliances!!

xoxo bitches.