Share The Shearer's

Since I started blogging well over a hundred years ago, I have received thousands of requests to promote products on this blog. At the beginning getting free shit was totally cool but then I saw how there really was a price. By reviewing anything sent my way I could possibly alienate the people who come here everyday to ready my brand of crazy. No bueno.

So I stopped with the random reviews of stupid crap and promised myself to only review things I really could stand behind. Then I got asked to have a potato chip party.

I don't do potato chips. I make potato chips from scratch and I sure as hell don't buy 'em.

When Shearer's contacted me to host a potato chip party, my immediate reaction was absolutely not. How could I have a party where I served food that I don't even have in my house. I wrote back explaining my view on potato chips and why I couldn't take part. I soon received an email explaining that not only was Shearer's a local company but they were also the greenest food plant in the world. She obviously had done her homework when choosing bloggers. It's very hard for me to say no to a company that takes environmental stewardship seriously.

I accepted the challenge and started planning a party. I knew my girl OhMommy had accepted the potato chip mission so I inquired How about we do a blind wine tasting party and have potato chip palette cleansers? Can't get much classier than that...

She was OBVIOUSLY in.


Our Share the Shearer's blind wine tasting party was an absolute success. Everyone loved the wine and the chips were gone within no time at all. I even ate some!

Big thanks to Shearer's, OhMommy, The Greenhouse Tavern, and all of you ladies who made it out for the fun!