And Like That...He Was Gone

Life is short. We all know this. Death looms every step we take. We embrace moments and people. We find solace in friendships and love. We try our best to make our lives better, longer, and fuller. And then life turns wicked. She becomes cruel and mean. She takes people from their loved ones and hesitates not. She is ruthless and devastating. The beauty of life disappears and our friend is gone.

The Chef and I are quite fortunate enough to have a handful of great friends. In this business we don't have a lot of time and it's rare that we meet people that we truly connect with. When we do though, we cherish them with all that we have.

This morning we lost a friend. He became our friend through another, and last week we all found ourselves at his house having a sleepover. The night before he and Angie had come up to the Great Chef's event we did for Alex's Lemonade Stand. They invited us to stay over the next night. His amazing wife played hostess and popped popcorn as we snuggled in to watch The Money Pit. Our evening in that night was much needed and much loved. Simple and true.

The Chef and I are devastated. We are sad for Angie who lost her soulmate, we are sad for his family, and we are sad for our dear friend Erich who lost one of his besties. We mourn for a good man gone too early. Life can be such bullshit. Tell the ones you love how you feel. Tomorrow they could be gone.

You will be missed by many Ryan.


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