Six Years

Between the jet lag from flying home from Tokyo and the fact that we are leaving for NYC tomorrow morning at 5 am, I am a hot mess. Unfortunately being a hot mess right now is not acceptable as today the boy turns 6. Hard to believe that this little guy is now this big guy:


I never could have expected my life to be what it is now. Never in a million years. When he came into my life, I was a scared and shallow girl. Everyday he has taught me what life is really all about. Life has nothing to do with success or money or what kind of handbag I am currently rockin'. Life isn't about tax brackets or fame. Life is about the moments, the people, and the smiles. It is about allowing someone else to show you what true happiness can be. Life is about love. Catcher teaches me how to love each and every day. He teaches me the true meaning of life and I am so so thankful. Without him, I can't imagine what I would have grown up to be.  Six years has blown by with this kid and I would do anything to live them over and over and over again. Because frankly... they have been the best years of my life.

Happy Birthday Catcher. Mamma loves you more.