Noodlecat Opens Today!


I have been obnoxiously absent. My sincerest apologies. I have a million and one excuses to why but the main reason, the most important reason, is because the Chef and I have been busy opening restaurant #2. The past 6 months of our lives have been filled with massive amounts of stress, anxiety, and crazy. Who says opening a restaurant is easy?

Not me.

That's for damn sure.

It's funny, we wanted to open so bad, I think we forgot how hard it actually is to open a restaurant. Granted restaurant #2 is way the eff easier opening the restaurant#1 ever was. That was a mother fucker.

Pardon my french.

So yeah. Busy. Opening restaurants. Parenting kids. Trying to keep my relationship with the Chef on the up and up. Trying to stay healthy and fit. Trying NOT to go crazy.

It's been an adventure that has taken us across the globe and back and I am beyond proud to say that TODAY we open NOODLECAT in downtown Cleveland. Whew. It felt so good to say that.



So if you are in the CLE and you are looking for some authentic ramen, soba, or udon, Noodlecat is the spot. Check it. Live it. Slurp it.