Restaurant Baby

Opening a restaurant is like having a baby. You get no sleep, no sex, and you always have crap on your shirt. No matter how much crap is on your shirt or how dark those bags are under your eyes, the smile that stretches across your face when you look at your baby (or restaurant) is wide and bright. The Chef and I have only passed each other since Noodlecat opened. Sure we sleep in the same bed and sometimes I manage to stay awake till he gets home, but for the last three weeks we have been college roommates (and not the good friends with benefits kind of college roommates either).

I'm not bitching, I knew what I was in for going in on restaurant #2/ Problem is, I think I just got so much Chef time in Japan that I got used to having a normal relationship. You know, one where you actually hang out with each other. Yep, that sure was nice.

Speaking of Japan, the Chef & I were on NPR on Tuesday talking about our trip to Dee. I had a great time and really find myself liking radio. A Chef's Widow podcast maybe? Listen to NPR's Around Noon here.

As for Noodlecat, the ramenshop is doing great. Lunches have been #slurpalicious and last night we opened for dinner. I think Cleveland may be having a great love affair with the noodle. I know the Chef sure is.