The Chew

While I was watching the Emmy's last week I heard something that stuck with me. Shocking, I know. The depth of an awards show is about as deep as the kiddie pool. A celebrity was asked how they got so lucky. In fact I think the question went along the lines of "You are such a big star, you are handsome and amazing, your wife is beautiful, you help the poor and you speak up when you see injustice, how did you ever get so lucky?"

I expected the answer to be fluff as it usually is. However this star answered bluntly "I believe if you put great out into the world, you do good, you treat people great, and you live good, you will be rewarded with great things." My mouth dropped to the floor. I couldn't believe a celebrity just admitted he had a great life, it seemed he missed the handbook that teaches never to talk about how rad being a celeb actually is.

His quote got me thinking. Do great things happen to people who put great out into the world? I started thinking about my friends and family. I started thinking about the chef and myself. Do I put out great? Am I doing as much as I can to make this world better? Do I treat people great? Do I live great? Just as I was starting to psychoanalyze myself, my friend Mike popped into my head. Over the past few years his celebrity has fucking skyrocketed. Next week he is starring on his first network show, The Chew. His face is on TV every three seconds and his bald ass mug stares back at me every time I read a food magazine.


As he should be.

Mike is a good person who puts great out into the world. Having known him for many years, I know that is true. When the Chef and I moved back to CLE from NYC, we were poor,young, and pregnant, Mike gave the Chef a job. He gave him health care (something that is so rare in restaurants) and he gave him a salary. He took him under his wing, and a lifelong friendship and mentor ship was created. He welcomed us into his home, his restaurant, and his family. He gave us great.

Since those early days, our lives have been intertwined. He has opened doors for us both, all the while expectng nothing in return except us being great ourselves. He has helped us when we were down and inspired us to get back up. He calls me out when I'm too bitchy to the Chef and yells at the Chef when he's being an idiot. He makes us laugh.

He makes us want more from life and inspires us to do more.

I am excited to watch this next chapter in his life. The Chew is going to be great and I know this because Mike is great. He puts great out there and is getting nothing but great in return. Go get 'em Chef!

Tune in this Monday. The Chew starts at 1pm. If you are an All My Children fan, don't fret, your soap is starting back up on the interwebs soon.

Erica Kane