Upcoming Attractions

Lots and lots of stuff coming up in the next few months. Was trying to lay low on the travel circuit but that's just not gonna happen. Headed to Philly next week for this (& to eat at Vetri!!!!!) then onto The Mother Ucking White House for a tweetup. Yes that's right kids, the Chef's Widow is going to be tweeting live from The White House on October 13th. CUH-RAZY.

Lots of beer dinners at both restaurants that I'm pretty stoked about. If you are a native CLE you should be too! We are having the following beer dinners:

HITACHINO NEST Beer Dinner at Noodlecat

THREE FLOYDS Beer Dinner at The Greenhouse Tavern

ROCKMILL ON THE ROOF Happy Hour at The Greenhouse Tavern


The Chef has a lot going on too. He's my plus 1 for The White House Tweet Up and then he comes back to hang (& cook) at The BEST OF CLEVELAND party at the Rock Hall which is gonna be SO MUCH FUN. You should totally come. He was also named one of Crain's 40 under 40. Which kinda freaks me out cause 40 is our next big age group and I am so not ok with ever being 40. That's an entire other post though...

Moving on,

We are doing a Rocky Horror Picture Show Karaoke night at Noodlecat on October 29th. Still putting deets together but I simply CANNOT wait for this and you probably can't either!

In shameless self promotion news, I was named one of the must follow 140 foodies on Zagat. If you're not following me on the Twitter you should. The White House does:)


did anybody watch The Chew?

Whatdya think?