White House Tweetup

Last Thursday I found myself shaking hands with the President of the United States. I'm still not quite sure how it happened but I am super glad it did. The reason for this momentous occasion in my life can be accredited to my involvement in social media. I was at The White House for a tweetup. What, might you ask, is a tweetup? Well friends, it is a real life gathering of people on the twitter. I normally shun tweetups, because they usually happen at a bar on a school night, however I figured if The White House invites you to a tweetup, you best go.

The experience was beyond surreal. I found myself standing in a monsoon holding my daughter's hand painted Disney umbrella in anticipation of seeing our president, my president. My patent leather flats were soaked to the bone and the "business attire required" Calvin Klein dress hid under my leather jacket. From service men and women to school kids and teachers, bloggers, and social media mavens, I quickly realized that I was in a melting pot.

I was surrounded by my country.

The sky parted and the rain began to slow. The sun peeked out of the clouds and the dreary sky disappeared. The band began to play and the military procession began. One by one, each service man marched onto the south lawn. Within moments, a military command began and the service men followed their orders in silent unison.

The President arrived in a motorcade alongside the President of South Korea. The crowds' roar was thunderous, so much in fact, that many looked up to the sky in fear of another monsoon. He walked up to the podium and began to speak:

As the President finished speaking, I looked around. The children in front of me were restless, the sky was turning gray, and thunder rolled on the horizon. People started to move, thinking the ceremony was over and it was time to go. Then he appeared. In front of me. The President of our country decided to visit the restless children that I was so lucky to be standing with. He walked beside President Lee and sooner than a lightening flash, my hand was intertwined with his.

A lifetime later, seconds in reality, my hand let go, and the president walked on.


A sincere thank you to The White House for a memory made forever.

More pics here.