Weekend Wrapup

This weekend was a doozey. The Chef was in CHI for the Three Floyds Anniversary dinner and I was home with the mini's. Friday, we stayed in and watched Godzilla movies that the boy picked out at the library. He has most recently become obsessed with monster movies. Something I'm totally down with. Saturday, we found ourselves at tennis (where the boy's teacher Oksana told me he was a natural), the grocery store, and the mall. It was the most 'normal' Saturday I've had in years. I can't remember the last time I step foot in an actual mall. I hit up Sephora for some new mascara, which I think I hate, the boy went to the Lego store and totally tried to talk me into buying him this monstrosity, and the girl fell in love with Teavana. Hard not too. After that, our plan was to head home & make turkey day crafts however that got nixed when I caved for some Wii Karaoke. Four hours later and hoarse as a 90 year old smoker, the mini's and I snuggled up and crashed into my bed. Sunday was our big day. The kids and I went to church. Shocking but true. Recently our kids have been showing signs of heavy religious influence. The Chef and I are not so big on church, however, we have made a conscious decision to start going to a church that our beliefs align with so our children can be raised with open minded beliefs, not the closed minded beliefs that were force fed to us growing up. After church (which was totally cool btw, minister quoted REM & played Bach's Requiem) we checked out the Dan Zanes show.

Earlier this week, Dan Zanes totally called me. We spoke about him & his friends eating at the tavern after the show, and he was kind enough to leave us tickets for the show. I had expected Biggie Smalls to freak out at the show. She loves three things: Dancing, Singing, & Dan Zanes. I expected she would be dancing till she dropped. She didn't though, she clung to my leg. The closest she got to jammin' was having mom hold her and bounce. It's like she reverted to infancy. I think she was just overwhelmed by it all.

This guy, not so much:

We had to leave the Dan Zanes show early because the Chef was flying back to CLE to appear on the main stage at the Fabulous Food Show. With barely a moment to spare we sprinted to the main stage, snuck backstage and found the Chef. The kids are always so happy to see their dad after he is gone and this was no different. Until they spotted Jason Roberts' scooter. The boy started scooting around and just as the Chef and Robert Irvine were going onstage, he spied Uncle Mike. Like a bat outta hell he scammed his way back to the famous people trailer area and bear hugged the shit out of him. Biggie and I followed suit and soon enough both of the mini's were inhaling free ice cream and granola bars. I took it upon myself to inhale a cocktail.

The Chef's demo ended and sooner than later we were back in the car headed downtown to meet Dan Zanes and Friends for dinner. When we walked in the door we were greeted with super stressed out staff faces. Chef Brian informed us that the gas was down and they couldn't cook. Having never had this happen at our restaurant before, the Chef & I looked at each other and knew that a long night was ahead. As the servers headed off to the floor to inform the guests that their meals would not be coming, we headed upstairs to meet Dan Zanes. Miss Louisiana was immediately in heaven. The group was so warm and eagerly welcomed both of the mini's. They had even brought them a signed edition of their new cd, Little Nut Tree. Catcher told them that he plays ukulele and was soon talking chords and his current song Snail, Snail. As the group got up to leave, Catcher turned to me and said "If I get really, really good at ukulele, do you think Dan Zanes would let me be in his band?" Without a doubt kid, without a doubt.

The mini's now incredibly starved, insisted that we eat at Noodlecat. We left the Chef with the gas debacle and headed to their favorite restaurant. As we slurped on some delicious noodles, Robert Irvine and his chef walked in. The boy having raced Robert earlier in a scooter race, immediately went up and asked him to make a paper airplane. A supersonic, turbo charged airplane building session had begun. As the boy and Robert played Paper Airplane Impossible, the girl slowly but surely started to melt down. Having just turned four, 2 weeks prior, an activity fun filled day with no nap, makes Miss Wheezy as cuh-razy as this Wheezy.


Our long day had come to a close. As I drove my sleeping babes home (they were out the minute they hit the car seats), I thought back on what a SundayFunday my little family had.

We are so blessed to have so many amazing experiences. The mini's live a life that most will never experience. They eat well, live well, and are surrounded by love and impassioned people.

But what it really comes down to for them is this:


Was your weekend as awesome as theirs? Did you check out Dan Zanes? Fab Food Show? Other interesting CLE events? I wanna know yo.