How to Host A Fashion Swap

1. Clean out your closet. Bag up all of the clothes you haven't worn in 6 months. Get rid of the jeans from high school and add those vintage heels you really wanna rock but never have in the three years since you bought 'em.

2. Make a list of friends that you think would be into trading clothes. Try and pick friends who rock clothes similar in taste, style, and sizes. Once the list is complete, pick a date for the swap and a date for the clothing drop off.

3. Invite friends to the swap. Make sure to be clear if you are having friends drop off prior to the swap.

3. Rent or borrow clothing racks. I went a step further and rented some pipe & drape so I could construct a makeshift fitting room. Set up both.

4. If you are having a drop off prior to the party you can set up a day early. This worked out great for us. My bestie came over and we organized three racks full of clothes. We organized in sizes and style. Potato even got in on the fun!

5. Make sure you have lots of wine and food for the party. Shopping is super fun when accompanied by a nice burgundy and brie. You will also need to provide shopping bags or boxes for your guest's new wardrobe.

6. When the guests arrive make sure to be ready for the rules. Some people give out tokens based on how many items they brought, some draw names of who gets to go first. I did neither. We had three full racks of clothes so I figured everyone would be able to find something.


7. Get your swap on!

My fashion swap went over so well that I have had repeated requests to do another. We shopped all night long and by the end of the party there was only a handful of clothes left over. I donated the leftover clothes to a local women's shelter. At the end of my swap I was able to surprise my shopping buddies with a treat from my friends at The Gap. Everyone who attended my fashion swap each received a voucher good for a pair of jeans from The Gap. You have the chance to take home the same!

I have 4 vouchers for free jeans to give away to you, my amazing readers! All you have to do is answer me this:

What article of clothing in your closet would you never ever get rid of even if it's too small, outdated, or you haven't worn in 10 years?

You can enter more than once by posting a link to this giveaway on FB or tweet about the giveaway on the twitter. Please leave the link to your posts in the comments section. Each comment will be an entry!

I will pick 5 winners using this Sunday. Good Luck & Get Swapping!!