When we first found out the Chef was going to be competing on Iron Chef, my first thought was Oh Shit, I hope they don't make him go up against Symon. For what seems like eternities, I totally convinced myself that yes, the Chef would totally be battling one of his besties on Iron Chef America. Why not? It makes complete sense for the Food Network to pit an Iron Chef against his former Sous Chef. Cleveland would go crazy and I am sure it would be a ratings mecca.


But that didn't happen (thank god) and on January 22nd, the Chef will be going up against the winner of The Next Iron Chef, Jeffery Zakarian in a battle royale I like to call Burly vs. Delicate:


If you are in the CLE area I hope you can join us at one of our restaurants for our Iron Chef watch party/tweetup. The Greenhouse event sold out in less than a day so we opened our doors at Noodlecat for a second bash. We will have contests, Iron Chef free passed apps, and an Iron Chef menu you can order from. Hope to see you there!

If you can't make it please watch and join our tweetup!!