There is one thing that all chef's widows can agree on. We are attracted to excessively impassioned people. We live with artists, marry creative minds. We love visionaries, movers & shakers. Simply put, we all fell in love with a chef. Part of falling in love with a chef is knowing that many ideas will come to the tip of your chef's tongue. Some will be good, some great, and some not ever worth mentioning.

An idea that the Chef had way back when turned out to be one of the great ones...

During the opening months of The Greenhouse Tavern, the Chef ordered some very expensive wine, his favorite very expensive wine at that. When he opened the first bottle in heightened anticipation, he was shocked to discover that his dear bottle was corked. He moved on to the next bottle, crossing his fingers, and hoping for the best. It too was corked. And every bottle in the case opened after the first, was also corked. He had a case of corked wine.

Never one to waste he decided to try his hand at vinegar making. He had experimented years before when we lived in Brooklyn but after the birth of our second child, his acidic aspirations got put on hold. He came home one day excited and ready for a pro-biotic adventure. He cleaned out our 200 year old root cellar and proudly declared it his new vinegar cellar.

Four years and countless carboys later, the Chef's vinegar program is not only an integral part of our restaurant but now about to be our first adventure in retail. Our full line of vinegars will be on the shelves soon and are already available for purchase at The Greenhouse Tavern and Noodlecat.

I am so excited that we are going into the vinegar making business that I feel like giving some away! I am going to send one of YOU amazing readers of Chef's Widow, a chef sampler. That means you will get FOUR bottles of our brand new hasn't hit the shelves yet Tavern Co. Vinegar!

To win, please leave a comment telling me how & what you like to use vinegar on or your favorite recipe that includes vinegar.

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Good Luck!!!