Crudite for the Win!

On Sunday morning I woke up to unbelievable amounts of support. Having organized a Tweetup / Watch party for that evening's Iron Chef I really didn't have a clue as to how it was going to be perceived. Sure, I knew my foodie peeps like JoeG and LisaZ would be tweeting up a storm however my 6th grade self at my 12th birthday party wondered if anyone would even show up.

Show up they did! Hell, they almost broke the internet. All day Sunday I sat by my tweetdeck and watched the #teamsawyer hashtags  flow. First 5 tweets an hour, then 10, the 30, then fifty! The show hadn't even begun and #teamsawyer was on FIRE yo. My nervous stomach started to get the best of me as I drove downtown to the restaurant to watch the Chef compete on Iron Chef America.

When I arrived at the tavern the Chef was waiting with a glass of bubbly knowing my nervousness was growing. I downed the bubbly and waited in heightened anticipation with mah boys:


For what seemed like hours (in actuality it was only 1) I bounced around the room and ran back and forth between both restaurants. Both were packed with droves of people, all there to support the Chef and his team. Moments before Iron Chef began I took it all in. The Chef and I held hands on the stairs of our restaurant as we watched him in battle for the next 60 minutes.

The final outcome was one I could have gone without. Who woulda ever thought crudite would be a winning Iron Chef dish? Nevertheless, I know The Chef gave it his all and I couldn't be prouder. Like always, he put his heart and passion into the battle. He was loud and boisterous, personable and funny, and I wouldn't have wanted him to be any other way. He showed the entire world that he is a fierce competitor and more importantly, an extremely talented chef. We had an unbelievable night together with our friends and family and I am forever grateful that I live in such a close knit city. Happy in CLE:

Me & @kakaty

Birthday boy @lasher216 and me cheering for #teamsawyer

A huge thanks goes out to all the #teamsawyer tweeps! You guys made a huge moment in our life, monumental.

We'll get em next tho' and we'll be sure to bring a shitload of cut veggies...

Heh. Heh.

But really, I would LOVE to know what you thought of the Chef's Iron Chef America episode? Did you enjoy?



***And if you missed Sunday night's episode, it is on YouTube and The Food Network will be playing it this Saturday at 5pm. Feel free to watch and tweet with #teamsawyer!