Love & Pink Hair

I have pink hair now. Actually just pink highlights, but still, my hair be pink.

The winter has been mild here in the CLE and the seasonal depression has yet to set it. As I write this is it 60 degrees in Cleveland. The sun is shining and everyone I have seen today has had the joker smile plastered across their faces. I think it must be my pink hair.

Valentine's Day is in 15 days. While the Chef & I don't shove chocolates down each others throats we do celebrate our love. Normally the Chef is in the kitchen and this year is no different. Except it is!!! The night before Valentine's Day is something so special and never before seen in Cleveland. Chef Cory Barrett of Lola notoriety is doing an all dessert dinner as a Brick and Mortar Popup. I have been a HUGE Cory fan ever since I first tasted his 3am special and I have been running 5 miles a day in preparation for what is sure to go down as a memorable evening.

I would LOVE it if you could join me so I'm gonna giveaway a couple of tickets ($150 value) to this DELECTABLY DELICIOUS DINNER. To win leave me a comment telling me the MOST ROMANTIC thing that has ever happened to you or that you have done for someone else.

I will announce a winner on February 6th, which gives you a week to ask that special someone to be your dessert dinner date.

Good luck bitches.