90 Day Fitness Challenge

As of Monday, I started a 90 day fitness challenge at my gym. Jeebus help me. After baby #2 I had an extremely hard time losing the baby weight. So hard, I gained more weight. By the time Biggie Smalls was two, I was overweight and unhappy. When I got invited to attend the Oscars last year, I made it my mission to lose all those extra lbs. While I did lose close to 25 lbs. I didn't feel fit. I still don't feel fit:

Still jigglier w/ more jelly than I'd like, but definitely not as unhappy as I once was. 

I'm still not satisfied with the way I look and when the 90 Day Fitness Challenge presented itself at my gym, I knew it was time for a body revolution. This time around my goal is simply NOT to lose weight. My goal is to sculpt and tone my body into the body I have always wanted. My goal is to be able to do a cartwheel in 6 inch thigh high boots when I'm 53 without breaking a sweat(you go Madge!). For reals though, my goal is to get into the best shape I've ever been in. Bikini shape or as the Chef calls it, nude beach shape. To reach my goal I have a plan for the next 90 days that includes the following:

  • Workout 6 days a week.
  • Limited/No drinking.
  • No bread. Bread is my food downfall. The Italian in me wants to eat bread with every meal. The skinny muscular girl in me knows that eating bread is taking steps back. So for 90 days, no bread.
  • Stalking Pinterest for fitness ideas or blogs.
  • Bikram Yoga at least once a week.
  • No diet, but watching my food & caloric intake daily.
  • Cardio at least three times a week, minimum of an hour. 

While I don't have a nutritionist or a trainer, I know I'm lucky because I have you. I am writing (and posting my jelly picture) to hold myself accountable for my progress and to also ask for your help. I am open to any and all suggestions of how to attain my goal of getting into the best shape of my life. Workout plans, iPhone apps, menu ideas, or anything that has helped you on your fitness journey would be a gift to me throughout my 90 day fitness challenge. I would love to hear your success stories or any inspiration you can throw my way. I know I have a long, tough road ahead but with your love and support, I've all but got it in the bag.