Family Snacks # 1: Ramp Ranch Dip w/ Veggies

Ramp season is upon us and it's a pretty safe bet that if you come over our house over the next two months, there will be ramps in your food or drink. We embrace the wild spring onion each spring, it signifies family foraging season for us. Once the snow melts, the family and I take to the woods in search of wild onions, chives, and greens. It is more about the time together than the bounty we take home and I know it is something we all loo forward to as the winter ends.

The Chef and I go 'ramp crazy' every spring. He infiltrates the restaurants menus with ramp righteousness and I do the same in our home kitchen. Veggies and dip are a staple in our house and this snack is something that the whole family can enjoy making & eating! Enjoy yo.

Ramp Ranch Dip with Garden Veggies

10 oz Greek yogurt

1 tsp dried oregano

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp sriracha (I only add sriacha if the kids are not partaking)

1 tsp Greenhouse Tavern craft beer vinegar (any beer vinegar will do, however ours is no doubt better)

4 ramps, sliced

4 wild chives, slices

2 garlic mustard leaves

Salt to taste

Assortment of garden veggies (whatever the kids like)


1)    Place yogurt in big mixing bowl and season with oregano, onion, sriracha, and vinegar

2)    Slice ramps, chives & garlic mustards extremely thin and mix in to yogurt

3)    Season with salt to taste

4)    Serve with garden veggies for dipping

5)    Enjoy.