Chickens & Babies

I have decided to raise chickens for eggs. I say it's because our daughter really really likes eggs (she eats 2 a day) but I really think it's because I secretly need something to take care of now that my babies are no longer babies. I'm gonna be honest with youI secretly want another kid. Well not so secretly anymore I guess. Get a few glasses of bubbly in me and I'm harassing the Chef with my plan of baby #3 and he is quietly reminding me that it's not possible anymore.

After Biggie was born, the Chef and I made the collective decision that our child having days were over. We had two amazing kids, a boy and a girl, whocould want more? The Earth is beyond overpopulated and frankly people with a mass of children have always freaked me out. So when I pushed my 10 lb girl out, I also closed the doors to the possibility of having another child. Well, actually the door got snipped.

Fast forward 4 years and I have baby fever big time and man is it fucking annoying. I have absolutely no control over it either. It's like my body knows that I should be having kids right now and my mind says hell to the no. You see, I really don't want to have another baby. Deep down inside of me I am perfectly content with the fact that I will be 44 when the boy graduates high school. The chef, 43. We are young parents and I am thankful for that. Plus my kids are amazing, our life is good. We are complete. If I had a baby right now, I would be 51 when my kid graduates high school. Um, no thanks. My plan for 50 involves me, the Chef, New Orleans, barefeet, calvados, and lots of crayfish.

I seriously don't know how to rid myself of this baby fever, which is why I have decided to raise chickens. Here's hoping it takes. 

Hopefully all the baby I need...

Anyone out there ever experience baby fever and not want kids? Would love a magic cure if you've got one.

Also any chicken advice? I'm a total newbie and can use all the help I can get.