Defending Snooki

Snooki in all her glory

Snooki announced her pregnancy this week and the hatred towards her exploded. An ex of hers said he hoped she miscarried for the sake of the baby and on Twitter moms were calling her a slut and praying Snooki's mom would step in and raise the baby. Really people? Miscarriages and taking a baby away from it's mother? Not nice bitches. Not nice.

Here's the thing. Snooki is a hot fucking mess on TV. She makes millions of dollars to act crazy as shit, get drunk as shit, and talk about shit like she doesn't have a brain. She IS the definition of American Idiot. Her fake tan and those stupid fuzzy boots all give us the go ahead to tear her to shreds. We make fun of the Jersey Shore because it is FUNNY. These kids are absolutely ridiculous and they know it, they profit from it, and you better believe they LOVE it.

Some people are born to be mothers, some are not. Becoming a mother is something incredible for some and a burden for others. As I grew up I learned that my own mother probably should have never had kids. I'm glad she did (as I wouldn't be here), however as I look back at my childhood I can plainly see that she would have been a happier & better person had she not become a mother. Because of this I never ever wanted to be a mom. I shunned the thought and planned out my life without the idea of a family. I was fine being independent and without child.

All my glory

I lived my life in my 20's somewhat like Snooki has been living hers. My trials and tribulations weren't publicized on national TV, thank god, and back then spray tans and furry uggs didn't exist. I partied with the best of them. I moved to Manhattan at 23, worked in a celeb haunt, drank my face off, got arrested, made out with French boys & the guy from Scream. I lived dangerously, fast, fun, and hard. And then I got pregnant.

When I called my best friend to tell him I was to be a mamma, I could hear the reservations in his voice and I knew exactly what he was thinking. How in the hell could the wildest girl he knew become a mother? I heard the doubt in his voice and my fears exploded. I broke down to the Chef that night. Sobbing I told him stories of my own mother and how I feared I would become like her. How would I know how to be good? Kind? Loving? All the things I never had, I was so scared that I couldn't give. The Chef held me as I cried for hours upon hours. He didn't say much in those moments but his presence told me what I need to hear. We would become parents together. My pregnancy would become our journey.

My life monumentally changed after that. All my fears, anger towards my own mother, self doubt in myself, they ALL disappeared. Good as gone. I knew, deep down, that this would become my life now. My child would replace the allnighters, the binging, the raging, and my all inclusive rock star lifestyle.

And they did. They do. My children gave me a life I never knew I wanted. A life I never even knew was possible. The relationships I have with them far suppress the life I gave up and I'm thankful for it every single day. 

My life now is strikingly different from the one I once led, who is to say that the same won't happen for Snooki? Who knows how pregnancy will change her? I think instead of calling Snooki names and sending hate her way we should let her be. Let her enjoy her pregnancy. Let her become a mother.

I get it though. I know she chooses to put her life on TV so it's hard to not judge. She is a crazy ass as much as she portrays one on TV. But maybe, just maybe, that baby growing inside of her will change her, just like the boy growing inside me changed me. Maybe her baby will bring her light that was missing in her own life. I don't Snooki and lord knows I probably never will but I know that calling her a whore or a hot mess won't do anything positive for her or that baby. Let's leave the evil name calling to good 'ol Rush and let Snooki have some peace.