The Line Cook that Lost His Way

  Every now and then I come across a blog post or a yelp review that tears our restaurant to shreds. Being the good PR girl and chef wife that I am, I  follow up with an email to see what was up. Usually no one responds, but every now and then someone does catch us on an off night. We always try to make it right and a disappointed guest does not leave our restaurant disappointed twice. The majority of non responders, usually all on Yelp, prove to me once again that their written word is not valid through their email silence.

Tonight I found a lovely, lovely review of our dear restaurant. After I read it (sorry Symon I know I'm not supposed to read them) I simply had to know who wrote such a scathing piece. Within moments I found out about my new friend *Jim* whom I shall now refer to as the line cook who lost his way.  The line cook who lost his way cooks in the CLE and he thinks my husband's food fucking sucks. He thinks Quaker Steak & Lube chicken wings are waaaaaaaaaaay better than our delicious crispy confit wings (Bobby Flay would have to disagree) and  he recommends that if you are looking for shitty food but a hip atmosphere, then our restaurant is the place for you! Thanks Jim!

I normally tend not to voice my opinion about reviews and this post is most definitely NOT my response to his opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own, no matter how shotty it may be. This post is about something I hold near and dear to my heart, the culinary community in my city, my Cleveland. Cleveland has a become a mecca of chefs and beautiful independently owned restaurants. The Chefs and restaurateurs all know each other and for the most part they all respect one another. Sure there are a few bad apples, but for the most part the men and women that work in our kitchens are fantastic people. They join hands and support our community when times are hard, they promote each other vigorously through social media and their own press outlets, and they cook some really, really good food. 

I think part of the reason why the culinary community gets along is because they all communicate with each other. Some have industry nights, some participate in charity events, and all of them eat at each other's restaurants. There is a constant interaction on all levels. The line cook that lost his way must not be a part of our culinary community yet, because if he were, he would have spoken up. AT THE RESTAURANT and not on the internet. He would know that if he truly had a bad experience at a fellow chefs restaurant, it would be his duty to tell the Chef. Every Chef wants to know, NEEDS TO KNOW, if something isn't right in their kitchen.

A line cook should know that. Unless of course he works for the only Chef in town who loves to talk shit about everyone else...


*I did not link to his blog because he doesn't deserve the traffic*