Cleveland International Film Festival 2012

  THE film festival in Cleveland is one of my all time favorite events of the year. Back in high school, my friends and I would cut school to sneak into Tower City Cinemas during the festival and watch movies till the theatres closed. These days, I'm not as brazen, and opening night has now turned into a good 'ol fashioned law abiding date for the Chef & I.


me & v-mayen of project r fame & fortune 


FOLLOWING the opening night film, Nesting, we headed to the gala and hung out with famous Clevelanders' like Valerie and Will. We took silly photobooth pictures as I drank white wine spritzers. At 9:30 we walked outside for some fresh CLE air only to discover that the temperature was still was a balmy 79º so we decided to head back to the tavern and drink white wine spritzers rooftop style. A perfect end to a very fun and very law abiding night.

AS always the film festival brings life and culture into our dear rust belt home. A favorite event of mine and so many others whom I share the city with.


photobooth sillies, the chef & i

ONE of my favorite features of the festival is the Family Shorts program. Last year I took the mini's and they instantly fell in love with the festival. So much so, that my son Catcher demanded to be taken to a big kid film this year (we are seeing Brooklyn Castle).


BECAUSE I heart the festival and can't stop shouting my love from rooftops, the kind people who run it offered me some tickets to giveaway on this old bloggity blog. Starting right now, I am giving away a family 4 pack of tickets to Family Shorts #2** . Family Shorts #2 is collection of 7 short films for families and kids ages 10 & up. To win this 4 pack of tickets all you have to do is check out the film festival website and tell me what film you want to see this week & why. If you have already seen a film this week at the festival tell me about that too. Just show some film festival love in the comments and I will pick a random winner this Friday at 10 am. Happy Film Festival Cleveland!!!

Oh yeah, if you don't want to wait to win BUY your tickets here. Only a few more days till the festival is gone. don't miss out on the awesomeness that is showing on the screens downtown.


**please remember this contest if for families and kids ages 10 & up. the festival will not allow children under 10 to this showing of the family shorts.