Canceling Cable


You know those people who say they don't watch TV? I'm not one of them. I happen to like TV. I am obsessed with our frozen planet, love Jon Stewart, and want to marry Erik from True Blood. The Chef & I often fall in love and hate with certain reality singing competitions (this is The Voice!!) and sometimes we pretend we are on Mystery Science Theatre while watching The Bachelor, ridiculous and hilarity all balled up into 1 lovesick man with bad hair and 12 women who really want to have sex on national television. What's NOT to love?

So yeah, totally not those people who shun the boob toob. TV is our way to ease into the night as our days are usually filled with way to much and our minds burdened by the tasks to come. We limit our TV watching to the evening hours and our kids are limited even more. They can watch a maximum of 30 minutes per day if and only if their rooms are clean, homework done, and ukulele practiced without one single complaint. The no complaining rule usually squashes their TV watching all together or they forget. The TV is not and has never been the focal point of our home.

About 3 months ago I realized that I was watching the same shit over and over. Reruns were my best friend. I mean really, how many Law & Order episodes can one person fall asleep to? My cable was outrageous and my sex life void. I decided to unplug the box. A few weeks after my revelation, I broached the idea of canceling cable to the Chef. I had brought it up before and he was reluctant, to say the least. Apparently a life without SportsCenter is no life at all. This time around I counteracted his argument with the fact that he has SportsCenter at both restaurants and can easily watch the updates in the morning or at close. I have seen my husband watch the same clips 4 times in 1 day. If the same shit is being played on a continuous replay then watching his dear SC would still be possible at work.  

In February I moved forward with my plan. I bought a Roku box and a Samsung wi-fi Blueray/DVD player. I cancelled U-Verse and set up my internet TV. I signed up for the free Hulu Plus trial and signed up for Netflix. To get local channels, I went to CVS and bought a $15 HD Antenna. At first the transition was a little weird but now we are internet TV pro's. The antenna alone could bring us happiness as most of the shows we watch are on 3, 5, or 8. The only problem is those stupid ass commercials. Watching on Hulu just means I won't be able to tweet with my friends during The Voice but I won't have to watch 30 minutes of commercials either. For us Netflix is kind of a waste because they never update their movies. I am most likely going to cancel this month. The Samsung wi-fi DVD has a video rental app called Vudu that I kind of like. It is a HD movie rental app and no movie is over $3.99 which is way better than U-Verse rental on demand. We also have a few random apps like Angry Birds and the Ocean Network (I really, really like nature shows) and there are a zillion more one can add to their Roku or smart dvd player. While it seems like alot, in all actuality it is much less than the 900 channels I had on cable TV. I get to watch the shows I like but now the TV isn't the focal point in our bedroom, I am.

The ABSOLUTELY MOST BEAUTIFUL thing about not having cable is not having a cable bill. This month I paid $15.98 for my Hulu & Netflix combo. A helluva lot better than $110.00 per month. When I cancelled my U-Verse, the customer service agent asked me why. I told her I was done with cable TV and would be setting up TV through the internet. She told me that she heard people hated the intenet TV and she could offer me a better package for HALF of what I was paying. I politely declined. My decision to cancel cable had been made.

If you have ever thought about canceling cable, I urge you to do it! The Roku box is where it's at. Roku is the simplest and in my opinion, easiest way to watch TV online. I love mine and if you are interested in buying one, I have a coupon for you: $5 off any Roku box for all my friends here on Chef's Widow. Canceling cable was one of the best things I've done this year. You should try it too!!

If you have any questions on the logistics of canceling your cable please leave them in my comments. Also I would love to hear of different ways of watching TV without cable. I am sure there are many other ways to cancel your cable and continue watching TV and I would love to hear what you do.