18 days

The Chef & the Mini's on Mother's Day (also the day he flew to Italy)

For the next 18 days I will be a single mom. The Chef will be travelling across the homeland of my grandmother, La Bella Italia, while I wake up every morning at 5 to get the mini's ready for school. He will be dining on the most delicious food in the world, drinking wine every night, and going to sleep amongst fields of olives and grapes while I tend the chickens, mow the lawn, and rear our children.

What. A. Dick.

Trying not to sob on Mother's Day

I kid, I kid. I'm actually crazy excited for his journey. In fact when the opportunity came around he wanted to say no (3 weeks is the longest we've ever been apart), but really, how many chances to go Italy does one person really get? I forced his hand. The first week of his journey starts in Trento, a city in Northern Italy that my dear nonna (grandma) mother was from. Trento located in the Alto Adige valley is a pretty spectacular Italian city that I was lucky enough to live in during my twenties. When the Chef found out he would be headlining a culinary tour of Italy, I suggested that he check out Trento for inspiration for our newest restaurant (coming to University Square this fall). Trento has a pretty cool history because it has changed hands from Austria to Hungary to Italy over the past hundred years and is actually autonomous from Italy. Look it up people. The food, the people, and the culture all take their autonomy very seriously and I thought spending a week there would give the Chef an interesting perspective to Italy. I wrote to an old friend at the emigration office and asked if a stay in Trento would be possible for the Chef. Before I knew it, a spectacular itinerary landed in my inbox. The Chef was well on his way to enjoying a week in Trento that would offer him " a wide range of different experiences to create a relationship with:

  • local Trentino Chefs including Michelin Chef
  • family hotel owners who follow traditional Trentino cooking traditions
  • educational culinary academy to learn modern and traditional Trentino cooking techniques
  • world-known wineries and distillers
  • local products and producers: olive oil, grappa, carne salada, and more"

Sounds great right????

After his week in Trento he will head south for a travelling culinary tour. He will spend 2 weeks eating, cooking, and drinking his way down to the heel of the boot and then will fly back up to meet the kids and I for our first ever NON WORKING vacation. Well kinda sorta non working. The Chef's book deal is signed,  and I am still working on my proposal, so I am sure there may be some book work to do. But other than that, NOTHING, NADA, NONE.  Just family, food, and fun!! The kids are ecstatic for the trip, Miss L can't wait to eat pasta every single day and Catcher can't wait to go to the city without streets. I myself am eager as hell for these next 18 days to pass!

18 days and this is me! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!